Photography 101

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Here at godaddysignatureauction, we provide updates about tech and photography services. But before that, let me explain to you the basics of photography as best as I can.

Photography Goes Digital

Photography has already gone major changes for the past two decades. The ascension of digital photography in recent years has enabled professional photographers to handle their pictures with great ease, no longer time consuming when it comes to editing and the tools used are equally easy to handle.


Even then, many people are still at a loss on how to go about with digital photography, let alone use its tools. This is rather predictable because technology can be an obstacle at times and that the very word itself means that we have to deal with gadgets that we are not familiar with.

Take heart, though, digital photography is so easy to handle. On the contrary, there’s no sweat involved. In order to understand it better though, a list of questions about digital photography might help you clear the air and treat it as an enjoyable and relaxing thing to do.

Is Digital Photography Expensive?

That is moot and academic. Anybody who wants quality pictures should, as much as possible, pay for it. But you will soon discover that using a digital camera is cost-efficient and that it isn’t costly at all because you no longer need the services of a film in producing such photos. That alone saves you enough resources compared to the idea of buying rolls of films for your photo shoots. No films needed for digital photography.

How about Editing with Digital Photography?

Unlike in olden times when you have to wait for days before you can relish and enjoy your photos, digital photography allows you to check and edit photos immediately after capturing them. And not only that, you can create stunning, visual enhancements with just a single click. Convenient and quite handy, and with a silent operation for you to make discreet shooting, plus the idea of storing these photos through a folder or module, digital photography makes things easy for you.

What about the Quality of these Photos?

No need to worry about loss of quality when editing these photos. On the contrary, its tools are for enhancement purposes only. So even if you copy or transfer these files for editing, the composition of your photos remains the same. Modern photography is so dynamic in that you can create a lot of effects without sacrificing the quality of such photos.


How Interactive is Digital Photography?

So interactive is digital photography in that you can present them through a slideshow, which was for years a staple of doing video presentations. You can even produce these pictures into a print form as well as sent them via email. Digital cameras use a special chip or optical systems in order to capture even the minute details of a photo image, and that its lenses are designed for superior resolution.

These are frequent questions being asked when it comes to digital photography. But it is a fascinating uptake to the development of photography. It captures and develops images fast without altering the inherent beauty of such image. It even enhances your photos in ways you would never imagine.

Free Presets for Your Everyday Photos  

  • A sampling of Lightroom features that makes it popular with photographers
  • Enhancing pictures like a true blue designer or photographer
  • Presets perfect for your wedding pictures via Lightroom

There is no stopping the popularity of Lightroom. Ever since it came into the photography scene, it has been making significant contributions as far as style is concerned, what with all the presets available at its disposal. And these presets, nonetheless, are free.


That alone makes Lightroom the appropriate choice for those you want to make improvements with their photos. Its accessibility on the web allows everyone to create a variety of effects on their photos. And so these Lightroom presets free online should not be taken lightly.

But what exactly makes these Lightroom presets so special? What sort of features do these presets have that many are using it? Let us quickly examine these features, though, and marvel at some of its unique effects on our photos from action camcorders.

  • That transformation element – These Lightroom presets free online can transform your pictures into caricatures ones, as in the case of Pencil Drawing. This particular preset literally transforms your ordinary photos into sketches without changing its original image. Just a pencil version of your photograph.
  • Pro Tilt Shift – This free Lightroom preset is perfect for those urban scenes, especially when you single out a particular image, separating it from its background. If you want to make emphasis on a single subject out of the many images in its picture, then this is the preset for you.
  • Epic Presets for Weddings – Weddings are special occasions that need special documentation. If you can use these Epic Presets for Weddings, then you are making your wedding day a moment worth remembering. The images look sharp, crisp, capturing the glow of both the groom and the bride.

This is just a short sample of Lightroom presets free online. There are others that offer more intricate designs and effects that are quite enriching, but looking at these three features will tell you how varied and stimulating these presets are. And that all you need to do now is download them.

Editing Photos with Lightroom Presets  

  • Photo editing made accessible and possible online
  • Presets that will improve your photos in so short a time
  • Cool presets enabling you to do detailed editing

You might be surprised that photo editing is so accessible and quite possible online. With the presence of these free Lightroom presets, no wonder there has been an increase in the activity posting photos on social media.

Thanks mainly to these free Lightroom presets online. Many are now into photography as if it’s the necessary thing to do as far as generating more likes of social media goes. Every Tom, Dick and Harry, as long as they have their Lightroom presets with them, can churn out beautiful, quality photos on their pages.


That’s why it’s almost a sin at times if you post pictures on the web without enhancing it with these free Lightroom presets. Even if you’re not a professional photographer, you can now become one, as long as you have your Lightroom with you.

These free Lightroom presets are so convenient because it allows you to:

  • Edit photos in so short a time – It takes less than a minute at times to edit your photos with the use of these free Lightroom presets, especially if you’re proficient enough with the tool.
  • Stack its layers for a more vivid effect – You can experiment with the layers of your photo for you to achieve that desired effect and to add more character to it.
  • Edit in detail – The lines on your face, the atmosphere of your landscape scene, the texture of your skin. All these effects are quite possible, even with these free Lightroom presets.
  • Experiment with its light and color – You can adjust the light, heighten its color, increase its hue, dark the setting. Light and color plays a key cog in the development of your photo, and Lightroom takes care of it.

These, among the many effects, though, are some of the features of these free Lightroom presets online.

You might be surprised, even professional photographers use Lightroom for the enhancement of their photos. Not that they don’t know how to enhance their photos manually, but that Lightroom offers more.

Lightroom is now the in thing when it comes to photo editing. You see photos right now and you can readily tell that Lightroom has its imprint on it.

So hurry up and download these free Lightroom presets now and experience photo editing at its finest. You’ll miss a lot if you don’t have your Lightroom with you. Most often than not, your photos will suffer in comparison without it.

Free and Cool Presets for Your Wedding

  • Free Lightroom presets for the enhancement of your photos
  • User-friendly tools for you to save time on photo editing
  • Free and cool presets for your wedding

It is hard to imagine nowadays posting pictures online without the aid of a photo-enhancing app. Most often than not, picture posting on the web has had its competitive atmosphere for quite some time, with photographers and photo enthusiasts taking turns posting beautiful pictures on their website and social media pages. Until the arrival of these free Lightroom presets that posting pictures online has taken on a new level.

LR27The web is loaded with a lot of free Lightroom presets for your photos. So full of it that there is a corresponding preset for every photo effect you can think of. In the old days, though, there’s not much you can do when it comes to enhancing your photos, the reason why you seek out the help of a photographer for your photo enhancements.

But when these free Lightroom presets came into the scene, that all changed. Now, even students of photography can churn out beautiful pictures with just one click. These free Lightroom presets have user-friendly tools for you to create stunning effects on your photos.

A case in point is this “Wedding Look Lightroom Presets”, one of the many free Lightroom presets offering a variety of tools for photo editing and enhancement. Created by Pierre and is available through Infoparrot’s long list of free Lightroom presets for its users.

Available in Lightroom 5 and 4, these free Lightroom presets, makes your wedding experience worth remembering because it enhances your photos with the intention of making it more cooler with its “Wedding Look Cool” and “Wedding Look Cool Bright” features.

These Lightroom presets are perfect for your wedding needs because:

  • It saves you time – These free Lightroom presets allow you to enhance photos with less time through its easy-to-use tools.
  • It is free – You don’t need to spend much for you to have that photo effect you’ve always wanted. You can have online and you can download it in an instant.
  • It offers variety – More than 100 free Lightroom presets are available online. It’s just a matter of choosing the right preset for your photos for you to come up with beautiful pictures.

Needless to say, creating beautiful pictures is just a matter of choosing the right tools. It would be a plus though if you have some knowledge about how to present your photos with a touch of art on it.

But by having the appropriate tools for your photo enhancing, you can be assured of a more satisfying wedding experience and a much better photo image in the process.

Experiencing Adobe Lightroom 6.3

Have you ever dreamed about being a professional photographer someday? Well, if you’re planning to be one, this article is perfect for you. Most of us think that being a photographer is easy and simple; we thought that by simply clicking the camera button is enough to take good and high quality images. To become a great photographer, you need to be passionate in everything that you do and that means using the perfect tool like Adobe Lightroom to organize and modify your images.


Basically, Lightroom is known for being one of the famous post processing tools in the industry today. Most photographers, both amateurs and professionals, prefer using the program to manage and edit their hundreds or even thousands of images.

Aside from the fact that Lightroom is a great time-saver tool, it also offers several editing tools that will help you transform your dull images into a more stunning one. At present, the program is now on its 6th version, specifically Lightroom 6.3. The newest version contains more enhanced and advanced editing tools that will be a great help to photographers.

Newest lightroom’s feature:

With Adobe’s creative cloud services, photographers can use the mobile and web application version of Lightroom. They can modify and manage their images straight from their mobile devices. Moreover, they can directly share their images on their respective social media platforms.

Adobe Lightroom’s web version has the ability to keep thousands of images through cloud storage. With this type of feature, users can easily download and share color presets in Lightroom whenever they want.

Overall, the latest version of Adobe Lightroom still needs more improvement. The developer should focus more on making the performance reliable and fast. However, Lightroom 6.3 is by far the greatest version of the program.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets on Mac and PC:

Advantages Of Siteground

SG1Siteground company has been around in the webhosting industry for quite some time now, and fortunately, it has remained one of the most effective and reliable hosting provider in the market. That is why most users choose siteground to help them with the needs of their websites.

This article will talk about the advantages of Siteground. For more information, watch the full video about the company below:

Siteground is known in providing great hosting services, that’s why it is safe to say that the company can give you all the possible hosting need in maintaining and organizing your website. Moreover, they are known for its reliability and great uptime performance.


Reliability and efficiency is important in all aspect, especially in using online services such as hosting. One thing that makes siteground reliable is they continue to work on and develop their software to provide better hosting services to their consumers.

Great Customer Service

Siteground’s customer service performance is superb. They do not allow users to wait in line for too long. Their customer representatives are well-equipped with knowledge and skills related to hosting in order to provide great hosting solutions.

Realistic Uptime Performance

Most hosting companies claimed of having a 100 percent uptime record, but siteground doesn’t want to mislead their users, they want to give honest and straight information about their services. Basically, the company’s uptime record is 99.99 percent.


How Hosting Companies Are Advertising Successfully In 2015

image 7A web host is a business that provides servers and bandwidth for websites that operate on the Internet. They are a vital component of any business today, especially as more people than ever before are realizing how powerful it is to advertise online. Businesses typically have some type of online presence. It is expected more than ever before. If you don’t have a website, it is considered suspicious by most consumers, especially if you have competitors that are already on the web. Web hosting would obviously need to have a presence online because their business is to provide people with the ability to put websites up for all to see. There are so many of them, the competition has become very stiff, and these businesses are realizing how important it is to stay ahead of their competitors using proper advertising.

Latest Advertising Solutions For Hosting Companies

In 2015, as for many other businesses, social media has become the primary directive of advertising efforts that people are using to generate new business. There are more people participating on social media than ever before, and with that come a specific type of advertising. It is not known why people are drawn to interacting socially as much as they have been. It could be a phase in the transition of those that interact online. It used to be email, followed by text messaging, and now websites like Facebook and Twitter are where most people are spending the majority of their online time. When advertising on this medium, not only are you connecting with people that enjoy participating on social media connecting with people that they know, but you are also interacting with individuals that are constantly on their cell phones doing this interaction, and this is why advertising on this medium can be so profitable.

Social Media Strategies People Use Today

There are three specific ways in which social media is used by hosting companies to generate additional revenue. The first is by advertising on social platforms; much like people have done for a decade on Google, but this has proven to be much more profitable. Due to the fact that people are not just searching for a specific product to buy, or information on a particular topic, they are targeted by the things that they have posted on their social media accounts, making the advertisements that are shown very relevant. Since most people can order online with their computer, as well as with their cell phone, this provides a double benefit. It allows you to get your brand or logo in front of individuals that are simply talking with people that they know, and later on, they will remember you, especially when looking for web hosting, and will more than likely search out your company and purchase one of your services.

Advertising is becoming more diverse with every passing year. People realize that having your company visible on the web is really the fastest way to become profitable today. For web hosting companies, nothing has been more obvious than the movement of social media into the limelight, and this is where most of these hosting companies are advertising in 2015, a place that has proven to be very profitable for this industry this year. To know more about web hosting services, visit namecheap coupon code facebook page.

A Great Review Of BlueHost Hosting


Bluehost Company started 12 years ago with a goal to provide and deliver better web hosting services to future and current customers. At present, the company is known to be one of the greatest and world’s largest providers of web hosting services and cloud-based online solution. They are currently located in Wasatch Mountains in Utah.

I have made an overall and fair review of Bluehost Webhosting services since I had the chance to use it to one of my websites. I also thought that it would be great if I will share a great review about blue hosting.

Web Hosting Plans

Their hosting plans vary from less than $4 per month up to $125 for dedicated hosting plans. The most important thing to consider when choosing hosting plans is the value vs. money option.

Shared Hosting

  • Starter – $3.95
  • Plus – $6.95
  • Business Pro – $14.95

It includes unlimited websites, domains, disk space, bandwidth, email accounts and email storage.

VPS hosting

  • Standard –  $14.99
  • Enhanced –  $29.99
  • Premium –  $44.99
  • Ultimate –  $59.99

Dedicated Server Hosting

  • Standard – $74.99
  • Enhanced – $ 99.99
  • Premium –  $124.99

Uptime speed

Bluehost has several high-tech data centres which can reach up to gigabit fibre connections to sites all around the globe. Bluehost Webhosting Company is well-known in using high quality web servers which are mainly anticipated and made from the ground to guarantee a high speed service. In addition, Bluehost is using KVM technology so that their customers will be secured with the money they have invested.

Customer Service Support:

The company is now hosting and serving thousands of clients. Each one of them has their own hosting needs to be resolved. Luckily, Bluehost have respectful and educated support representatives to resolve technical issues regarding their hosting plans.


  • Lot of Free Features for Less
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Automatic installations for CMS
  • High Server Performance
  • Easy-to-use cPanel

Disadvantages of Bluehost

Their customer support service is a little slow and may take up to an hour to resolve issues.

  • Bluehost claims to have 99.9% up time, but there were instances wherein they experience frequent down times. This is common with their re-seller accounts.


Bluehost is still one of the most famous hosting brands in the web hosting industry today. They also offer practical and economical hosting plans for as low as $3.49, which I think is great for starters who want to secure their websites. If you want a more detailed information, watch a great review of BlueHost hosting below:

InMotion Web-Hosting Review

Logo_inmotionInMotion Hosting is an average web hosting service that is available in the market today. However, their hosting packages, features and support services prove to be nothing but more than average. Whether you want to host a personal webpage or business website, InMotion Hosting will get the job done, but don’t expect any premium customer support; they have a very slow support service.

InMotion Plans, services and packages:

  • Business shared hosting plan has three levels specifically: Launch, Power, Pro plan.
  • Virtual Private Server plans
  • Dedicated Server plans

InMotion Features:

When it comes to their hosting features, the company provides most of the features we wanted. However, not all of them work well. In addition, the more features you apply, the more you will have to pay.  For example, one of their web hosting services provides SSL certificates, customizable error pages and shopping carts, but you’ll have to choose for one of its best-priced hosting plans. Each of their plan does come with a website builder and cPanel service. If you already own and run a business website, the company will give one free site transfer. Also, InMotion Hosting provides the following additional services:

  • POP3
  • IMAP
  • SMTP
  • and Webmail

What are their flaws?

Their hosting service has some errors. They didn’t include in the list about how many e-mail address is available or how much storage and disk space will you get in every hosting plan. On the other hand, the company has a standard basic package; it includes aliases, catch-all accounts, email forwarding, auto responders and spam protection.

What to like about InMotion?

InMotion’s services are very easy to use and navigate. It has a lot of amazing features such as unlimited storage, domains and more.

Customer Service

Although there were some issues about slow and unresponsive support, the web hosting provider still offers unrestricted 24/7 phone, email and chat support. They also have additional resources such as FAQs and video tutorials to guide users along the way.

InMotion Hosting review: Overall rating of 6/10

Overall, InMotion Hosting can provide the best hosting service. I suggest that you watch this InMotion Hosting Review before trying their services. You’ll see that they can provide your hosting needs.

DreamHost: Premium Hosting Experience

If you are looking for affordable and quality web hosting providers, DreamHost never fails to be included in the list. Since its birth in 1998, DreamHost has established its indisputable reputation as a reliable and affordable web hosting provider. They have focused on delivering the best value of their products, giving their customers the experience of a premium hosting service at a very reasonable price. DreamHost understands how confusing it is to look for a hosting company that best fits the customers’ needs. They know that it is an overwhelming and tiring experience to take into consideration numerous features and specifications. Especially for those who are not very geek-wise, searching for web hosting companies may stir up their minds.

A Simple and Affordable Web Hosting Experience

When you are new to web hosting, you want to learn the simplest and easiest way possible. Focusing on delivering the web hosting experience to small business users, FatCow designed their web hosting plans to be simple, easy to use and own and more importantly, provide real business value. They recognize that customers need to build powerful websites. dreamhost

Their web hosting plan which they call The Original DreamHost Plan aims to provide everything that their customers need to keep their website running. This plan includes Oodles Disk Space, Oodles Bandwidth with easy to use site creation tools, and easy-to-install blogs and forums. They have also included wizards to easily add Open Source applications, an e-store builder plus Free Google and Yahoo Advertising. All of these mentioned features plus more are now at a promotional price of $49 on the first year of subscription. They also have other hosting solutions like WordPress Blog, VPS services and Dedicated Services. Recently, they have added a new and striking feature in their web hosting plan that is a 1GB of cloud storage. Moreover, DreamHost boasts having their offices and data centers 100% powered by wind energy.

DreamHost understands that simplicity and value are not the only things that matter in web hosting. They know that customers seek high performance and reliability. Built on state of the art facilities, FatCow offers a steady, superfluous hosting environment to customers. They also have a modern firewall for better security.

Making Room for DreamHost dreamhost hosting

With the increase in demand for more information plus the advancement of technology, DreamHost responds to this call by providing more rooms to provide the needs of their customers. Small businesses grow, so DreamHost needs to make more room for opportunities to them., With their new line of products, the VPS and Dedicated Servers, DreamHost gives their clients more control and higher performance. While still adhering to their ideals, their dedicated servers give their customers more opportunities to own a private server, with complete control of server configuration and ultimate speed, flexibility, and performance. Their dedicated server is for rapidly expanding and thriving websites that need high security, optimal performance, and rapid response times.

DreamHost distinguished from the others. They have made their name and became an icon of this characteristic. DreamHost is now definitely one of the top web hosting service company that everyone wants to include in their list before taking into consideration other hosting plans offered by competitors in the industry. Look for a more detailed DreamHost review to get a detailed info about the hosting company.

Arvixe: A Simple yet Competitive Hosting

Hostgator1Hostgator did not make a promise about a 100% up-time server record since they don’t want their clients to expect more from what they are giving. Surprisingly, when I checked their up-time during my random server test, the results were pretty amazing. They have consistent up-time server of 99.9 percent, which is great. Good thing about them is that they do not claim something they don’t have. They just want to be transparent and real to their clients.

Hostgator plans and features

Hostgator has three web shared hosting plans, hatching plan, baby plan and business plan. For as low as $3.96, you can enjoy simple features such as single domain, unlimited bandwidth and disk space and private SSL. They also have VPS plans for $11.97 per month. Their VPS plans is completely customizable and can be upgraded anytime.

They also have dedicated plans for both Linux and Windows operating system. However, it is more expensive ($105 per month) than the other plans since it is intended for larger businesses and high-traffic websites.  If you are a web developer or designer, you can use their reseller plan to add more value for your current and possible customers. Reseller plans starts at $19.96 per month.


Overall, there is nothing wrong with hostgator’s services. Prices and inclusions are perfectly combined. However, the main problem with their services is their cPanel. It is very confusing to navigate. In order to use it smoothly, clients should contact first the customer support for proper guidelines. There is nothing to worry about since they have a friendly, skilled and knowledgeable representatives. They will give you appropriate solution to your problem. Find the best arvixe review and save for up to 50% off to all of their hosting plans. Watch the unbiased review about Hostgator below:

How Registering and Transferring a Domain Works

snappy_cash3When you make a website for your business, the first thing that you need to create is a domain name. A Domain name is your unique identity that makes you visible in the internet. It is a string that identifies a certain space in the internet that belongs to you. Domain names are registered in the DNS, Domain Name System. Each domain name has to be unique because it represents and Internet Protocol resource which is a personal computer used to access the internet.

Prerequisites for registering a domain name

All domain names are required to have contact information about the websites’ owner, their organization, their business and even their employer in certain cases. Customers who want to register a domain with suffixes that are country-specific (like, or .us) need to meet the guidelines and requirements. Some country-specific suffixes require you to prove that you are a citizen for you to use the domain.

Signing up

Most web hosting service companies like Hostgator offers services for domain registration. Read on a Hostgator hosting review to know about their products and services. Upon signing up, hosting companies will be helping you determine if your domain name is available. Usually, there is a search engine that will give you alternate domain name suggestions in cases of unavailability.  Each domain name has corresponding prices according to your subscription to the web hosting company.

The signing up process for domain registrations has been made easy by most web hosting companies. They have also included features like domain locking which is a security enhancement that prevents unauthorized transfers of your domain to another web host. When your domain is locked, your website is protected from third parties who might try to misdirect or transfer your domain without your knowledge and permission.

Transferring domains

Definitely, registering a domain name will not lead you to be stuck in the same web hosting service provider. When you aren’t satisfied with your present web hosting services, you can transfer your website to another hosting provider. Check on review of Hostgator for their products and services. For smooth domain name transfer process, you need to make sure that the requirements such as WHOIS information is up-to-date and complete, and other pre-transfer requirements are met. Make sure to work closely with your new service provider. It is also very important that you read on the Terms of Service and Domain Registration Agreement. Most web hosting service companies have made it easier for you to transfer your domain by just simply following their steps as soon as you have completed all the pre-transfer requirements.

If you are in search for a new web hosting service provider or thinking about transferring your domain, watch the latest to Hostgator review below. Our unbiased reviews will definitely help you figure out the best hosting plans for your needs.


A Straightforward Web Hosting Experience

Most web hosting companies would promote their packages and deals by offering numerous unlimited features. And you only get to be disappointed that these are not advantages but rather it becomes an additional burden for you. Good thing, A Small Orange offers straightforward  packages saying no further nonsense of unlimited offers. a small orange coupon

Taking a look at A Small Orange, you might be pleased at how they have put across their brand in the market. A Small Orange is one of the new web hosting service companies but they are now placed among the best web hosting service providers. Their good branding strategy shows that they excel from the crowded hosting industry.  They have built that characteristic of offering clear cut package deals making them distinct.

A Small Orange Hosting Offers

A Small Orange presents a summary of different types of web hosting including shared hosting, reseller hosting, business hosting, cloud VPS hosting and a dedicated and semi-dedicated hosting. You can get any of these products with as much as thirty percent discount when you use a small orange coupon code.

The webhosting services offered by A Small Orange includes a comprehensive Knowledgebase and Video tutorial. They understand that not all customers know everything about web hosting. For this reason, they have provided these self help tools to get customers in the learning curve quick.

A Small Orange guarantees to deliver the best quality in their products at with a great value. You can use a small orange coupon code to make your savings twofold. So if you are being constraint on a budget, it is best that you take advantage of these deals. A Small Orange has a rich choice of plans. You can decide based on your actual need giving you the options of what features to upgrade. In other words, you will be provided with a package that has all the basic features you need and you only get to pay the amount of every additional feature that you wish to add.

Other Remarkable A Small Orange Features

Truly,  A Small Orange objectives that their clients will have the best and easy web hosting experience. They even designed their control panel to be easy to navigate. The interface is simple to use for system admin, for both newbies and webmasters. Installing WordPress on your website is less difficult with A  Small Orange. You’re blogging experience becomes more efficient.

If you have considered availing any of packages from A Small Orange, make sure that you use a small orange coupon code. Definitely, you will have the great web hosting experience.

Balancing out the Features of Adobe Lightroom

pic2Through your search for the best post processing tool in the market today, you will find Adobe Lightroom to be one of the leading players in the said field. Within your search, you will find unbiased reviews on the said company too. But let us look at Lightroom on both sides.

If you are just starting on your photography career and is considering Lightroom, this article is fit for you. We will discuss the good and bad side of this program based best free photoshop you can use on a customer’s perspective.

(Tutorial on how to install Lightroom)

Advantages of Adobe Lightroom

* Affordability

Review of Lightroom’s lowest plan is offered at $10/month within a 12-month lock period. On top of that, they give away discounts for longer subscriptions and plummeting price down to $s9 per month.

You may want to check off Price on your list in finding the best website since Lightroom is cheap indeed.

* Security Measures

Lightroom has many technology directed to identify threats, such as spams and hackers, and gets rid of them. This is an advantage since not all photo editing tools security measures can reach that of Lightroom.

* Latest Technology

Lightroom takes pride in utilizing advanced technology. They currently use the most advanced editing features and services. This is commendable that they are using the latest technical stuff to do photo editing the right way.

Lightroom has done this for most of their clients. Just purchase presets for lightroom in their website, then open your account, and click on auto-install, follow the prompts, wait for a few and you’re done!


If you are looking for the cheapest, branded, well supported photo editing program, and  if you plan to create a collection of presets and not doing anything fancy, then Lightroom is a good choice.

If you weigh in everything closely, you can conclude that Lightroom is not that bad at all and is worthy of your consideration. But, the choice is yours. Also make sure to get more lightroom presets free here.

We’d be happy to hear your thoughts on this. Please leave a comment.